Patient Testimonials

5 Star Review- Bev S. – December 2022

My doctor and the hygienist were very professional, knowledgeable and good at explaining which helps a great deal to relax a patient. I’m so thankful I found them!

5 Star Review- Gene S. – November 2022

First time at Shoreview Family Dental and had a great experience. Everyone from the dentist to the dental hygienist and everyone else in between was excellent.

5 Star Review- Dan C. – November 2022

Very personal service and care!!!

5 Star Review- Ed H. – November 2022

Shoreview family dental always makes you feel like your visiting family. No unnecessary X-rays and no bs. You can trust them with your dental Work.

The nurses are awesome and know a lot about the city and life around here. Sand doctor Nguyen is very caring and makes sure you get what needs to be done, no unnecessary fluff.

5 Star Review- Molly L. – October 2022

Friendly staff that made me feel welcome. 

5 Star Review – Verene P. – August 2022

Thank you for choosing Shoreview Family Dental Verene! We appreciate you sharing about receiving gentle care and time from our staff.

5 Star Review- Cyndee S. – September 2022

Dr. Tina, Sue, and Denise truly care about you and your oral health. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and to address your specific oral health needs. I highly recommend this dental practice!

5 Star Review – Kim L. – October 2022

I was very impressed with the Staff they were efficient, friendly and kept me apprised of what was coming next. Dr. Tina was very thorough and I left with a manageable plan. I’ve found a new “dental home”. Thanks everyone!

5 Star Review – Jack L. – October 2022

Very friendly staff and Dr Tina explains things very well. I didn’t have any pain or discomfort with my fillings and the price was very reasonable with my insurance. Thanks!

5 Star review  Jennifer L – 7-18-22                                        

Amazing staff Dr. Tina was amazing really explained stuff well. Highly recommend going to see her!!!

5 Star review  Randall A – 6-13-22                              

Very attentive and friendly staff. Danielle, the hygienist, was thorough, and this was one of my better my teeth-cleaning experiences. A week later, I had a filling, and found Dr. Tina to be highly skilled and gentle. Not often can someone say that they had a pleasant experience at a dental office, but I did!

5 Star review  Verene P – 7-28-22                            

I was pleased with the gentle care and time given to explains my needs

5 Star review  Steven T- 6-6-22                          

Excellent care by the team at Shoreview Family Dental. Friendly and right on time. They were able to accommodate an unexpected “cracked filling” as well as doing an excellent job of cleaning my teeth. Way to go! Thanks. Steve

5 Star review  Rhoda A – 3-11-22                         

Professional, kind & friendly. Explained everything they were doing & what follow up care was needed. No financial surprises for work that needs to be done. Everything was laid out for me. I am new in the area & pleased that I have found Shoreview Family Dental Center.